Driving under the influence (DUI) is a “hot button” issue these days. Police and prosecutors are under tremendous political pressure from the media, MADD and others to “get tough” on suspected offenders. Conviction rates are very high.

While Kentucky penalties for a first offense are not overly severe, second or subsequent offenses carry mandatory jail time, high fines, extended alcohol treatment and long term license suspensions. A fourth offense within ten years is a felony. Moreover, any DUI conviction, even a first offense, can cause loss of employment – especially if the job requires the operation of a company vehicle.

Somewhat new to Kentucky law is the ten year “look-back” provision. This means the penalties for multiple convictions within a 10 year period get progressively more severe. It also means that DUI convictions cannot be expunged for 10 years. These days the negative consequences associated with a DUI conviction will hang around for a very long time.

In lieu of a hard suspension, Kentucky law now provides for the use of an ignition interlock device (IID) which is an in-car breathalyzer that prevents the automobile operation if the driver has been drinking alcohol. IIDs can permit continued driving after a conviction and even before a conviction if a pretrial suspension has been entered for a test refusal or if the case involves previous offenses. While IID installation can be onerous, it can keep one on the road driving and employed.

Accordingly, the need for an experienced attorney in these cases is obvious. John Harralson is considered to be one of the premier DUI attorneys in the state. In fact, Mr. Harralson is one of very few Kentucky attorneys named to “Super Lawyers” in the DUI category. Moreover, he has taught other lawyers how to practice DUI cases in continuing legal education classes since 2002.

Mr. Harralson has the ability to properly evaluate a DUI case and identify any factual or legal defenses. He has a proven track record in DUI cases.

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